Our Beliefs

We are a: “Independent Baptist Jewish Outreach ministry” sent out under the authority of our sending/home church – Victory Baptist Church, Weatherford, TX – Bro. Rob Catuto. The KJV Bible is used in all preaching, teaching, and written books by OTMI.

Since 1993, our ministry is two-fold:

ONE: Help our Baptist Churches/Missionaries reach Jewish people by: Jewish Evangelism Course design with YOUR church’s theological stand in reaching their Jewish friends/neighbors. Jewish Heritage Night – Held at our sending church every 4th Friday of the month. Each year, we teach on a variety of topics to church members to better prepare them in their witness to their Jewish friends. Unbelieving Jewish people are invited and have attended.

TWO: Teaching/Preaching in Baptist Churches all over the US and International to see the Bible through Jewish eyes while keeping to our Baptist doctrinal heritage. Click on each one to see a list of messages with descriptions and fliers that your church can use to help promote our meeting in your church.

1. Prophecy Conference

2. Feast Conference

3.  Israel Trip (click on this to see our latest trip)

4.  Teaching at Baptist Colleges presently – Norris Bible Baptist Seminary

5. Bless Israel Night

6. See a list of many other series of messages.

7. Pre-Trib Conference

NOTE: During the meeting, we encourage your members to give us the names of their Jewish friends/neighbors that will be given to the pastor to begin praying for their salvation